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The Mirror-god and two lamp-posts

Looking for a safe place to say something. So I park it here. These are unformed thoughts, consider this a draft of something.

The tragedy of [fill in the latest multi-victim shooting here] is a symptom of a culture that worships death in the guise of individuality and choice. Our culture worships death but refuses to see death. We kill ~3000 children a day. Moloch has nothing on the good ol' US of A.

Ours is a culture that has turned individuality and choice into an idol. We bow down and worship a giant mirror. This Mirror-god contains the cult of death and anti-death. And both of these are really the same. We pursue every means to postpone death, but fight to kill children and our elders. We worship the Mirror-god of individuality by slugging each other for the latest iDevice on Black Friday. (Black Friday?! Ok, I know why it is called that, but really? That name is more appropriate than the Mirror Cult realizes)

We have so democratized everything that all of us are now simply …

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