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Real Men

[Originally written ages and ages ago. - R]

Here is something I've been simmering for quite some time. It is still undercooked, but I aim to keep this blog fresh.

Men love a real barbershop. It is one of the last public places where men can go and be men with other men. You can talk—or not. If you don't feel like talking a friendly grunt usually deters a would-be conversationalist. If you do want to chat, why name your topic. Fishing been good? We all want to here about it--even the ones who don't fish. Want to complain about the government? So do we. How about them gas prices, can you believe it?

Men need this sort of environment. Women do too, but I think they find it more easily than men. Until recently men could find this at work everyday, or at the regular service club meeting. But women have rightly fought for and achieved access to these places. So we have the barbershop.

For me the barbershop is thoroughly a man's world. When I was old enough …

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