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My name is Raphael and I acknowledge my capacity for violence.

I have struggled with non-violence and pacifism all my adult life. A couple of years ago I waffled and then found solid ground. I consider myself a radical pacifist. I refuse to kill, for any reason. I don't see much room in the Gospel for any other position.
I carried the quote below around in my heart for about 20 years, letting it wear a hole in my "defenses."
Being a pacifist is kinda like being an alcoholic.
Eventually, if the booze isn't going to kill you, you've got to be able to acknowledge you're an alcoholic. Then sit in a circle of people that are like that and put your hand up in the air and say, 'My name is Bruce, and I'm an alcoholic.' And then to begin to deal with the alcoholic behavior and have it described to you and deal with it.
And it is never going to change. You could be dry for twenty years and still be an alcoholic.
But it is going to save your life. And you're going to be fighting against that next drink every day of …

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