Stop Judging

"If you want to experience God every moment of every day, stop judging other people. Stop identifying what is wrong with your neighbor, even when you're right. If you do that one thing, you will see God in a way you never have before.

"If you want to go further, stop hating people. As Christians, we all say 'Oh we don't hate people, we don't hate people.' But I mean really stop hating. We often say, 'We hate sin, but not the sinner.' A good precept. The problem is it's very very hard not to cross the line.St John Cassian tells us it's possible to have righteous anger, but not easy. So don't try it, he says. Better to have no anger at all. "

Fr. Irenei (Steenberg)

From the talks "Eastern Orthodoxy and Mysticism: The Transformation of the Senses"


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